Nickel-Coated Diamond Powder(Chemical Plated)

Diamond micro-powder electroless nickel plating is a very early practical technology, early called diamond metallization plating, diamond micro-powder electroless nickel plating is equivalent to the diamond micro-powder wearing a black coat ( Diamond black powder coat ), when the diamond plating is mainly used for diamond tools, diamond grinding wheel composite plating, in order to enhance the holding force of diamond and tool, abrasive substrate ( we call the binding force ). The current process basically follows the traditional process ( oil removal - coarsening - sensitization - palladium activation - electrolysis nickel plating ).

Since 2015, with the photovoltaic industry a large number of promotion and application of diamond wire saw to replace the traditional mortar + steel wire cutting silicon material, diamond wire saw as a relatively remote product, suddenly hot up, the photovoltaic industry related industry repoints out that the current diamond wire saw market output value is about tens of billions RMB per year, which brings the diamond wire saw wire continuous plating industry development, as the main material of diamond wire saw - Synthetic Diamond Powder, diamond powder electroless nickel plating is also accompanied by this tuyere, in recent years has become a rapid development of technology.

Diamond and diamond powder: The diamond mentioned here is an artificial diamond crystal, which is artificially produced by graphite and catalyst in the mould of the hexahedral top press at high temperature and high pressure. The density is 3.5 g / cm3, and it has the physical and chemical properties of natural diamond. It is the material with the highest hardness at present, and is often used for the production of high hardness tools and abrasives. After crushing, particle size sorting and shape classification, the artificial diamond crystal is used as the determined specification of diamond powder for diamond wire saw. At present, the conventional particle size is from 5 microns to 50 microns, and the classification level is roughly 5 – 10, 8 – 12, 10 – 20, 20 – 30, 30 – 40, 40 – 50...(the unit is micron). Following the mode of using large-size diamond in the coarse line and small particle size diamond in the fine line, by 2015, the minimum diameter of the large-scale production of diamond wire saw bus has reached 50 microns ( 5 wires ), which is used for cutting silicon materials. The minimum bus diameter of diamond wire saw for rare earth permanent magnet cutting is 120 microns ( 12 wires ).

Characteristics of electroless nickel plating on diamond powder : Coating metal can improve heat dissipation and reduce thermal damage so as to protect diamond ( reducing diamond carbonization during sintering at ultra high temperature ) so that the surface of diamond particles is rough and the mechanical retention between diamond particles is enhanced ;

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